Service Time: Sundays at 10:00 AM
Come join our faith community for weekly Sunday Services.  We are  an accessible vibrant welcoming community of all ages that learn about the Good News of God's love in Christ while we pray, sing and  share time together.  Sunday School is held for children during the  service and refreshment time is held for all following the service.        Communion is usually served the last Sunday of the month.  . 
Welcome Rev. Deborah Elliott:
We welcome our new minister at New Hope United Church, Pastor Rev. Deborah Elliott and her husband Don.   Come visit us on Sundays to meet our new minister.
Rev. Cathy Duggan has taken a post at Bloomfield United Church.  We wish Cathy, John, Winter and Kendra all the best in their new home and congregation.  Have a look at our photos from the good-bye service.


This Sunday is Reign of Christ Sunday. It is the last Sunday of the church year. So next week we start our journey to Bethlehem. When we prepare for Christmas we go shopping. There are gifts to buy, menus to plan, special baking to be done. Add to that getting a tree and pulling out all the decorations. By Christmas Eve we are sometimes frazzled. Maybe do something different So what do we do in our faith life to prepare for a gift so special that it changed the world. A small child born that caused a revolution of the Spirit. So start making a list and checking it twice. Open your body to giving and receiving hugs Open you mind to those around you suffering Spend some time singing Spend some time reflecting on what changes you want to make in your life Play with a child Play with an animal Bake some cookies and deeply enjoy the odor of cooking dough Bake some cookies with a child…even better Send some love letters Call some shut-ins Visit a cranky older person This is a long list. You do not have to do anything on this list. But these kinds of actions can actually make you feel good inside. Pick one and bring Christmas home to your heart.


Location: 4651 County Road 2, Port Hope, ON in the village of Welcome                                       (See the map and office hours on the contacts page).                                              Phone: 905-800-1234  Email:


Mobility Needs: Entry Ramp at front door

Hearing Needs: Headphones available for hearing impaired

Visual Needs:    Large print hymn books and bulletins *

Dietary Needs:  Gluten-free Communion wafers and refreshments


Sun. Dec. 1st: Come join us at church to choose an item for our family from the Giving Tree. You will choose what you want to bring to our white gift service.                                               Do not wrap your item.  More details to follow.

Sun. Dec. 1st: Christmas Once Again Concert at Trinity United Church ( Ryerson Hall, 284 Division St. Cobourg).  Tickets $12 at the door.  Come join our minister,                                        Rev. Deborah Elliott's choir as they kick off the season and celebrate the good, the bad, and the funny things we love about Christmas.  Beautiful                                           Christmas music, a shepherd's first Christmas in story and song, and they even poke fun at Santa! Light refreshments.

Wed. Dec. 4th: Congregational Christmas Turkey Dinner 6 pm. Tickets are $18 each. Contact Doreen McHolm at 905-753-2292 for tickets.

Sun. Dec. 8th: White Gift Service 10 am. Special service including a Christmas pageant.  Bring gift items for our family from the Giving Tree.  Potluck to follow.

Wed. Dec. 11th: Welcome UCW Meeting at 1:30 pm.  Roll Call: Christmas Cookies to pack for shut-ins.  Theme: Christmas

Wed. Dec. 24th: Christmas Eve Service.  Details to follow.

Wed. Jan. 15th: AOTS Meeting 7:30 -8 pm Official AGM.  8-9:30 Presentation by Rev.  Deborah Elliott and Don about their work in Nicaragua.  Refreshments to follow.                                           All are welcome and encouraged to join us.

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